Blogs named Small Potatoes should appear in Sub-Sacks rather than on Substack.

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Two drunks at a bar.

Drunk #1: I gotta go the bathroom.

Drunk #2: Go fer me too, willya?

Drunk #1 returns.

Drunk #2: Did ya go fer me?

Drunk #1: Oh I forgot (leaves again)

Drunk #1 returns again.

Drunk #2: Well?

Drunk #1: You didn’t hafta go.

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In collaboration with ChatGPT: A potato, a pumpkin, and a psychologist walk into a bar. The potato feels small, the pumpkin feels hollow, and the psychologist says, "The root problem is identity confusion."

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I got subscribed to this by accident.   I spent 12 hours yesterday dealing with the subs I follow.    It's killing me.   no exercise, house needs cleaning.  it's worse than alcohol.  I am 84!

sorry.....can't do another one

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I asked Gemini, ChatGPT and Grok for jokes that relate to personal identity.


A man walks into a library and askes the librarian for books about paranoia. The librarian whispers, "They're right behind you!"


Why did the identity thief refuse to play hide and seek? Because he was afraid he might find himself!


Why don't AI systems have personal identity crises? Because they're always in their right mind!

Gemini pulled its joke from a webpage and provided the link


I asked Gemini a second time and got the same joke. Tried once more and got this one. Apparently original.

A man walks into a DMV office and approaches the counter.

"Hi," he says to the worker behind the desk. "I'd like to renew my driver's license."

The worker takes the man's old license and examines it carefully. "This picture looks nothing like you," she says.

"Well," the man replies, "it was taken 20 years ago!"

The worker raises an eyebrow. "Twenty years ago you didn't have a beard, you had a completely different hairstyle, and you were wearing much thicker glasses."

The man shrugs. "Yeah, and I used to be a lot more sure about who I was."

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I heard the interview with Robert Wright. Consider me a groupie...

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Interesting use of vegetables to express our values. The expression "recibir calabazas" (to recieve pumpkins) in Spanish comes from the ancient custom of throwing pumpkins at people who were rejected or ignored in romantic situations. This act symbolized (auch, just in case you don't got it) disinterest or lack of acceptance. Anyway, if you survive, an abundant and sweet compensation.

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I enjoy your discussions with Robert Wright and appreciated your book Psych. The book made a positive difference in my life. I also requested that my local library (Fort Erie, ON) carry the book (they agreed). I think the central takeaway from much of your work is to keep the frontal cortex engaged while not forgetting that kindness also matters. I would appreciate a discussion of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (at some time in the future). I have an emotionally demanding career at times (I often work in poor world areas as an engineer (McMaster graduate of Chemical Engineering eons ago) and find CBT (and prayer and moderate alcohol and sex) easier and more effective than meditation when feeling overwhelmed. CBT seems to have fallen out of fashion.

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